Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Books in Prison???

Did you know that when kids visit their parents in prison, they can't bring toys with them? I guess maybe because some toys are potentially dangerous or something, but in any case... the poor kids! Just sitting around with nothing to do while Daddy gets brought down from wherever-he-is. No dolly for comfort. No gameboy for distraction.

Imagine a skinny kid, alone on a metal folding chair or something, fiddling with his fingers, looking down an institutional hallway, waiting for Daddy.


But now imagine that same kid... with a book to read.

Okay, it's still horrible, but books are the best escape a kid has, really. A transport to other worlds. A way to learn other lessons, visit other lives.

So here's the deal.

A friend of mine is organizing an effort to send books to kids with parents in prison. Books those kids can read while visiting, and then take home with them. A gift. Something nice for the poor kids.

I'm putting a box together. Want to help? Any and all new/gently used childrens/teen books are most welcome.

Backchannel me at laurelsnyder(at) gmail.com and I'll give you my address.


Sara said...

Laurel, I've probably got some gently used books for you. (And a book on tape, if you could use that.) I'll email you.

Also: would you mind if I added you and Kids in Need, Books in Deed to my list of kidlit bloggers and the causes they support? It's over at my blog under The Very Big Good Deed List. You can also read about it under: "You and Me and E.B.: Changing the World" (July archives)

Laurel said...

I'd love that. Thank you! And I'll link you too, of course...