Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Soon, soon...

I really want to blog about the Mysterious Benedict Society. But I crashed my car, lost my Grandma, and discovered that both my sons have fevers. All in one day.

So it'll have to wait.

Say a little prayer?


Cheryl said...

That's a lot to deal with! I'm sorry that all happened. I hope things feel better soon, and that you have space to breathe, relax, and feel comfort.

Jen Robinson said...

That is a tough day. I'm pretty sure that the Benedict Society review can wait a bit ... Sending good thoughts.

SmartlikeStreetcar said...

I hope the next few days are much better for you.

Sending a whole basket of good thoughts!

Laurel said...

You guys rock... Thank you!

And the update: fevers are down, rental car is cute as can be, and while my grandma is still... umm... dead... I'm feeling better, and have written a letter to the family. So that's nice.


Barrie said...

Laurel, I hope this is a better week for you.

This weekend, I got your poetry in the mail. So, I'll be sitting down with it and a cup of tea later this morning. :)